A short note about how I implemented ActivityPub integration into this blog.

The blog is WordPress. I used these plugins:

  • ActivityPub – does the main integration – sets up the domain and blog users so that they can be found and subscribed to etc by ActivityPub compatible clients.
  • Friends – lets me subscribe to other ActivityPub users’ feeds and lets them connect to me.
  • Friends Posts Collection – a mini app that indexes all the posts of people I’m subscribed to.
  • NodeInfo – exposes metadata that is commonly indexed by federated social media.
  • Enable Mastodon Apps – provides integration with Mastodon clients so that I can use an Android app to interact with this blog like it is a personal Mastodon instance

There are a couple of issues yet to be resolved around comment handling and posts with media attached from Android apps. On the whole though, it’s been surprisingly trouble-free to set up. I’ve actually struggled a lot more with WordPress’ “Full Site Editor” and doing simple theming with it. Tempted to go back to Classic Theming but I know that’s a dead end, so I’m not going to get too ambitious with the theming now. Instead I’m going to focus on actually blogging..

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